About Our Chorus

We are the St Cloud, Minnesota Chapter in the Land O’Lakes District of the Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS). The chorus is made up of men from Central and Western Minnesota and Wisconsin; men from all walks of life and gentlemen in their 20s and older. The chorus was founded in 1968 and throughout our more than forty years of harmony and fellowship the St Cloud Singing Saints Barbershop Chorus has entertained and thrilled audiences all over Minnesota.

We are a part of the Land O’Lakes District which includes Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, along with parts of Michigan, and Ontartio. The Land O’Lakes District is comprised of 52 chapters and is one of 17 districts that make up the Barbershop Harmony Society. The BHS has over 26,000 members from the United States and Canada, with affiliated organizations in Great Britain, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Ireland, Spain, New Zealand, the Netherlands and South Africa.

Barbershop music is a chromatic four-part harmony sung by four unaccompanied voices. In barbershop harmony, the melody is sung by the lead, while the tenor part is sung above the lead. The bass sings lower than the lead and the baritone provides the in-between notes that complete the chords that give barbershop harmony its distinctive four-part sound.